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How to repair corrupted Excel file online
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How to repair corrupted Excel file online

How to repair corrupted Excel file online

Many companies use Excel as the main tool for data storage because of the many functions this Microsoft product has. This program is extremely useful for making tables and tasks for the employees. However, any file and document can be corrupted and one day you will not be able to open the document that contains the needed information and figures.

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Tip: Use only trusted online services like Excel Repair Online

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In this case, it is too late to judge the person on their file storage system arrangements, and let’s be honest here – not everyone makes backup copies on a daily basis. But this is crucial for all companies and their workers. Even if the file can’t be opened in a normal way, there is still a chance to get rid of the corruption.

How can you repair the damaged worksheet online?

You can use different types of special software, but now there is only one reliable variant that is accessible for internet users. Recovery Toolbox for Excel has a free DEMO version, so you can test it as many files as you want. Then you will have to find another tool or buy a license. Recovery Toolbox for Excel is recommended for all companies that use Excel products on a daily basis.

The main advantage of this tool is the fact that you can repair the file in 1 minute – just wait until the document is analyzed and you can open it in a normal way. To get the software, take these steps:

  • Go to this site.
  • Download the file and follow all the necessary procedures to install this program.
  • Run the program
  • Select the file that is to be restored.
  • Press Analyze button to start the Excel file repairing.

How can you repair the damaged worksheet online?

As you can see, it is very easy to use Recovery Toolbox for Excel – all you have to do is to press a few buttons to have a result.

Major threats to Excel documents

It is better to prevent a threat than allow it to happen and then waste time in removing it. First of all, every user of modern devices with an internet connection should do everything in their power to protect data from viruses. It is the main reason why modern companies lost so many files and documents. But even if you have antivirus software on your PC, it can detect an Excel file. The program will not delete it – you can find the document in the quarantine section. Usually, the OS will hide the file, so you can’t open it.

Major threats to Excel documents

Sometimes, your PC may not work in a normal way. If you want to save all the needed files, it is better to check HDD for errors. If this component of your device is damaged, forget about restoring it. And another serious problem is a voltage surge which will force the device to end the OS session. If this happens, there is a high chance that the file that you have been working with will be corrupted.

And the last reason is the malfunction of the Excel program. If there is a virus on your computer or the system has been turned off due to the voltage surge, the installed software, including Microsoft products, could be corrupted. A simple reinstall process will solve the matter.

You should also be careful with the software that helps to work with the Excel program. If you want to secure the safety of the files and documents you should be very careful with the providers. Create backup copies so that you will not have to install other kinds of software to «cure» the corrupted files. Choose the program products wisely and make sure the developer is a reliable company.

How can you «cure» the corrupted document?

It is worth mentioning that the latest versions of Excel become more stable and reliable if you are working on a computer with lots of documents. Even if the system crashes, the last version of the file will be saved and uploaded when the document is opened. But the newest version also has higher system requirements that make it hard to run the program – it can freeze which boosts the chance of a file being corrupted.

That is why you will need special software to restore the document – it will surely help even if you are using the trial version. We have already mentioned that this program is very easy to use. It will analyze the file and restore it in no time.

To achieve the desired result, all you need to do is to take these simple steps:

  • If you have already installed Recovery Toolbox for Excel, all you need to do is to run it.
  • You will see a window that can be used to upload the file that is to be restored.
  • Use the search function and find the file.
  • Press Analyze button to complete the repairing.

You will spend no more than 5 minutes including the time you waste on installing the software.

How can you «cure» the corrupted document?

Do not forget about the version of the program that is uploaded on this site. It is an online version that can be used by any user without limits. All you have to do is to go on the site, upload the file and enter your e-mail address. Then you should wait until it is analyzed and ready to be used again. This online tool is very useful when it comes to fast solutions.

Additional information about the program

Recovery Toolbox for Excel is not free and you will have to get a licensed version if you want to use it for a longer period. You will not be able to buy it for an unlimited period – only a yearly subscription.

But the advantages of this program are hard to overlook. You will have a stable tool that will work almost every time you launch it.

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