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What is Terahertz Radiation? – Definition, Types, And More (2023)

What is Terahertz Radiation? – Definition, Types, And More (2023)

Definition Terahertz Radiation

Terahertz radiation consists of electromagnetic waves within the ITU-designated. It is also known as submillimeter radiation, terahertz waves, tremendously high frequency, T-rays, T-waves, T-light, T-lux, or THz.

 Terahertz radiation, also called

  • submillimeter radiation,
  • terahertzian waves,
  • high-frequency waves,
  • Trays,
  • T waves,
  • THz, T-light, or T-lux, consists of electromagnetic waves within the frequency band designated by the ITU from 0.3 to 3 terahertz. The radiation wavelengths in the Terahertz band are in the range of 1 mm to 0.1 mm. And its radiation as submillimeter waves, especially in astronomy.

Terahertz radiation occupies a midpoint between microwaves and infrared light waves, and the technology to generate and manipulate it is in its infancy and is under investigation. This lack of technology is called the terahertz gap.

It represents the area in the electromagnetic spectrum that the frequency of electromagnetic radiation becomes too high to be measured by directly counting the cycles that use electronic counters, and also must be measured by the indirect properties of wavelength and energy.

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Terahertz Generators

We can represent the TeraSense series of terahertz sources (IMPATT diodes) by double silicon bypass diodes with a transit region of 0.6 um, mounted on a copper heat sink.

The layers in the double bypass diodes are a heavy and doped region (p +) -, a moderately doped region, a moderately doped “n” region, and a strongly doped region (n +) -. The regions (p +) – and (n +) – allow ohmic electrical contacts in the external circuit. The device relies on negative resistance to generate and maintain an oscillation.

TeraSense is now offering its improved version of terahertz generators. The updated THz generator gets equipped with a protective isolator, which significantly improves the output power stability. From now on, you can also request a THz source with a rigidly fixed horn antenna or a WR flange of your choice.

The typical output RF power of the generator with optimized frequency at 100 GHz can reach up to 100 mW. And also It allows them to be used together with multipliers to reach frequencies in the far terahertz spectral range.

Also, TeraSense fonts have an ergonomic design and are easy to use. The company can optionally supply a THz generator with dimmer and switch sections.

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